When you click “DOWNLOAD HERE” in the post,you will get a *.dlc file.the dlc file is a link container which contains the informations of download need the download tools(Mipony,Jdownloader or Freerapid) to open the dlc files for real files that you want to download.

The three download tools is free and can choose one of them.

download the tools below.My personal view is to recommend the Jdonwloader.

Jdownloader:   official download page  softonic download page

Mipony:              official download page  softonic download page

Freerapid:         official download page  softonic download page

You can always click next to complete the installing process.

double click the dlc files,the software will open it automatically.if not,you can add files manully.


click “continue with all” to start download. the parts in different host are same which means that you can choose different parts in different host to download more files at same time.


If you have a premium account,you can add premium account on jdownloader for faster speed.And I really appreciate your support for this site if you can use my ref links to be premium.and you can see the premium speed in the image below.



“relink,us” donwload method

To use “relink,us” is simpler.just click “Click’N’Load” button.

allow links added from web browers.

continue with all and accept the terms of file hosting

just wait and enjoy then.(PS:putlocker has very good download speed and there is no donwload limit for free users.but their service is not stable.some files may be temporarily unavailable due to their server maintenance or upgrades.and according to their terms,the files are removed if they were not active for 30 if you find some parts are not can try mirros links.hotfile also have a good speed for free users and the performance for premium users is last,hope you will have fun here.)