[EN-NDRA018] A Husband And Wife Run This Small Massage Parlor In Eastern Japan… But The Wife’s Brand New To Shiatsu, And When She Plies Her Trade On A Horny Client, She Ends Up Cheating With Him… Kana Miyashita

[EN-NDRA018] A Husband And Wife Run This Small Massage Parlor In Eastern Japan… But The Wife’s Brand New To Shiatsu, And When She Plies Her Trade On A Horny Client, She Ends Up Cheating With Him… Kana Miyashita

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  1. One001

    Omg this sub turn me on is totaly the new level jav with subtitles.
    It’s like look at the movie with story not only a simple porn.

    ndra-018 have another series, ndra-031 if you can subtitle this one you are the best.
    Keep up man you did a good job there.
    Respect and cheers!!!

  2. man-of-the-south

    Scene 2 about 36 min onwards is amazing. Those light blue panties… Beautiful fuck.

  3. munn

    subtitles awesome movie actress

  4. munn

    scene 2 awesome actress super subtitles

  5. munna

    scene 2 awesome fucking more movies like this with subtitles

  6. lolol

    Please update more english subtitle

  7. korean man

    so much pleasure scene 2 and scene 3

  8. SirJames

    Great sex in this one and subtitles make it perfect this will get you off!

  9. pujojoh

    can someone help me ! i can only watch in UE server, other server not working with me it all be like “Error loading media……” and new update movie these days dont have UE server sad.

  10. Runy

    Can I know the name of the actor?

  11. John

    wish i can watch it uncensored

  12. sohail

    wish i see it uncensored

  13. Akagi

    This is so sextifying! The plot, the sex, the subtitles! Just great!

  14. Randomobserver

    Amazing. Love the subtitles. Keep it coming!

  15. Yeah

    One of the best porn ive ever seen!

  16. Z

    Her husband is looking at her all perverted in scene 1. So hot, especially the close up of her butt.

  17. Spectre

    Great video ,soon english porn sites will get extinct

  18. Fiveftwang

    There another video ndra 016 also very hot please upload that one too. Can’t find ithe here but seen it in other site.

  19. Sitt

    Her husband is a noob just watching her fuck by other dick. Go play Mobile Legend NOOB!!

  20. Glen Hamilton

    Fantastic Acting, Performance from the Cast. Technically Great Sound,Lighting,Direction. The Husband and Wife work at a Health Spa and give Massages but Sexually the Wife is Not Satisfied IN Bed,( the husband is a poor fuck ) So she lets Herself be Seduced by a Client who has a Bigger Cock than she is Used to and Fucks her like a sex toy.

    4 Stars ****

    Thanks for the Subtitles.

  21. apple

    can anybody suggest me same kind of movie plz

  22. jiren

    please have more subtitles.. especially japan massage.
    ginza massage, parlor massage, erotic massage, and others.. thanks..

  23. Slyfox

    Guys, there’s alot of cuckold videos on javsubtitles.com. go check it out.

  24. ch88ed69

    Great Movie !! Would like to see her with at least one more client!!!

  25. OldValkyrieRider

    This will be a very long post. I hope you will find it interesting.
    Kana Miyashita is absolutely beautiful and serves up some very hot scenes, but there is so much more to this story. This is not the typical “cheating wife” video, which usually features a wife seeking an affair, often with another male relative. This is much more complex, and in fact should have a sequel to finish the story. (Does anyone know how to send this suggestion to the makers?) Below I generally refer to the players as Horio, Wife, Husband, and Therapist (a new character in the sequel).

    There is one big flaw in this video. In the first massage with Wife, Horio gets much too far much too easily. (This is a problem with many Japanese videos. If some guy gets so much as his little finger anywhere within four inches of any one of a girl’s erogenous zones, she is almost instantly ready to bear his children! This is ridiculous. VERY few women, even if looking for an affair, are THAT easy.) The progression should be that Horio massages Wife’s outer thighs, only occasionally quickly and lightly brushing her ass and inner thighs, and never coming even close to her crotch. The screen dissolves to black and then quickly reopens with a caption on the screen that says “Second Massage”. In this one Horio gets to the point of massaging Wife’s ass and inner thighs, only occasionally quickly and lightly brushing her crotch, and he still doesn’t get his hands IN her pants. The screen again dissolves to black and quickly reopens with the caption “Third Massage”. In this one, Horio gets as far as he did in the actual video. In this progression, Wife also objects less and less as it develops. Now, this took a lot of words to describe, but it could have been done with no more than 30 seconds of additional video.

    Wife is not “easy”, and she is not looking for an affair. Yes, she is a bit sexually frustrated, but she is also relatively inexperienced and a bit naïve. So, she can’t be nearly as dissatisfied as a woman with more experience would be. (Her inexperience and naïvete are indicated by her overall sweet demeanor and repeated expressions of “I’m embarrassed” with her eyes downcast.) Further, although a bit sexually frustrated, she seems otherwise happy with her husband. The really important point about the wife, however, is that she is too naïve to recognize just what, and how dangerous, Horio really is. She actually is seduced.

    Horio is the central character in this video. He is a Player. He is NOT looking for a girlfriend, nor is he even all THAT interested in the sex! He enjoys conquest. His goal is to seduce the wife, humiliate the husband, and ultimately destroy the wife. (Yes, destroy. I’ll get to that.) Note that in the initial massage, Horio closed the sliding doors between the partitions, but he INTENTIONALLY left it open enough for the husband to see what he was up to. He WANTED the husband to see. Furthermore, he likely noticed his clothes had been disturbed and so realized that the husband had seen the video on his phone. So he shot another video USING THE WIFE’S PHONE. Why would he use the wife’s phone unless it was to plant another video for the husband to discover? So, he is always trying to inflict as much pain and humiliation on the husband as he possibly can. FURTHERMORE, he doesn’t tell the wife how sweet and wonderful she is or what a good couple they would make. No, almost his whole conversation is about how inferior Husband is and how superior Horio is. Yet even that is not enough. He is also constantly goading Wife to agree that Husband is inferior and Horio is the “Biggest” and the “Best”.

    The final scene is “The End” in more ways than one. Wife literally begs Horio to cum inside her and shouts that Horio is the “Biggest” and the “Best”. At that point, Horio has totally seduced Wife. He has won his game and so he is finished with her. He will now go on to his next conquest (indeed, he may already have identified prospective targets) and dump her sorry ass.

    Yes, “sorry” ass. Horio will tell the wife that he NEVER really cared for her. He will go out of his way to inflict as much pain, humiliation, and degradation on her as he possibly can. Why would he do this? Because it has been obvious throughout this video that even though the husband is hurt, angry, and humiliated, he still loves his wife. Indeed, if he didn’t love her, he wouldn’t really feel much humiliation. So by inflicting maximum suffering upon the wife, Horio is inflicting yet more pain and humiliation on the husband. You understand that Horio is a really nasty piece of work when you realize that he has enjoyed SCREWING OVER Husband and Wife far more than he has enjoyed ACTUALLY SCREWING Wife.

    Husband is almost a cypher in this video. He is mostly a plot device to provide the eyes through which we see everything. We do know, however, that Husband instantly saw exactly what Horio was. (Remember his early comment about “Special Services” and that he had seen many like Horio.) So the big question is: Why did he let Horio get away with it all?

    I realize, by the way, that there is another video along the same lines as this one. I don’t believe the makers quite realized the implications of a Mr. Horio, but I also have seen his kind. (You see all kinds in law practice.) I’m pretty sure I’ve accurately analyzed this situation.

    I will make further posts to lay out suggestions for a second video, including Horio’s parting, the wife’s sorrow and despair, a reason for the husband’s lack of action, and the final repair of their marriage. It could be a long video, however, because I have five sex scenes in it.

  26. OldValkyrieRider

    Post 2 – Beginning of Second Video

    Okay, here begin my suggestions for a second video. As the first video had a version with English subtitles, so should the second video. Real English, please, not Jenglish. Of course, the makers could use my dialogue and translate it into Japanese for the actors. (They would probably also need to add more dialogue, of course.) Also, the same actors must be used in these roles. Now again, it may take a lot of words to describe things, but the actual video time for the descriptions should be rather short.

    Horio confronts Wife. “We’re finished. I never cared for you. I just enjoyed sticking it IN you in order to stick it TO your husband. You weren’t even that good a fuck. I’m now with a woman who is as far beyond you as I am beyond your loser husband. So go back to him, IF he’ll have you. You do realize, don’t you, that he has known about our affair from the beginning. So he is either a gutless wimp, or he doesn’t really care about you at all! You also know that the spa does not provide for “Special Services”, so you may even lose your job. You are now nothing more than a slut. You have nothing left. Well, maybe you have my bastard growing inside you. You can keep it.” He leaves.

    Wife is devastated. Suddenly, the loss of sex is nothing compared to the possibilities of losing her job, and being divorced and pregnant with the child of a complete a-hole. Further, she realizes that her husband, rather than insisting that she stay home in the kitchen, as many men would, actually encouraged her to become a professional in her own right, and he has continued to mentor her. She realizes that he did this out of love for her, not for his own convenience, and that he has consistently truly loved her. (Here there could perhaps be some video “flashbacks” of Husband teaching Wife.) She THEN realizes that she actually does love him, and so also feels great loss and shame. She is almost suicidal. But, she wonders, “Why didn’t he warn me about Horio?” So she is also confused. Although nearly a basket case, she finally works up the courage to confront her husband.

    Wife says to Husband: “I know you know about the affair.” (The screen blurs as there is then a caption explaining that Wife is telling Husband everything Horio said when they split.) She then says, “I just saw a doctor, and Thank Heaven! I’m not pregnant, but (Wife hangs her head and begins sobbing) if you want to divorce me, I understand. I know I have wronged you terribly, and I am so sorry and so ashamed! But I don’t understand why you didn’t warn me.”

    (Now here, in order to make everything work, we have to do a little “That’s thin, but I’ll accept it.”)

    Husband says: “I DID warn you about men like Horio when you were acting as my assistant! You didn’t remember because you didn’t WANT to remember! I know I’m not the greatest in bed, but when the opportunity came along, you completely blocked my warnings out of your mind. Once the affair started, I really COULDN’T say anything. Oh, I knew exactly how the affair would play out, how it would end, and the damage he would do. It hurt me terribly to know what he was doing to you and what he would EVENTUALLY say and do to you, but I had to pretend I didn’t know anything. If I had confronted you then, you probably would have gone ahead anyway, and now would be so ashamed that you might not ever speak to me again, and then we would have no chance of repairing our marriage.”

    Wife, completely amazed, says: “Repair our marriage? Do you really mean it? You won’t divorce me? You will take me back?”

    Husband says: “Yes. You should know that I have always loved you. I still do, and although I am very hurt and angry, I will find a way to forgive this one mistake, but if you ever do such a thing again …”

    Wife: “I understand, but do not doubt me. This has hurt so much that I will never again risk losing you.”

    Husband: “Good, but this will not be easy. It will take much work, and we will need help. I also realize that I need to become better as a lover. I think we should begin to see a therapist.”

    Wife is enormously relieved. She throws her arms around husband and squeezes the stuffing out of him. She readily agrees to begin seeing a therapist. Fade to black.

    Okay gang, all of the above was set up to introduce the therapist and should not have taken much video time. From here on there is going to be some dialogue and a LOT of sex. There is a lot of description in the following posts, but most of the actual video time would be sex. For the role of Therapist, I envision someone like Yuki Hodaka. At this time, Kana is 27, 5’2”, brown hair, and B cup. Yuki is a bit older (31), a bit taller (5’5”), black hair, and G cup. These characteristics seem appropriate for their roles (Young Wife, and Educated and Experienced Therapist), and the contrasts should make what follows even hotter. Further, Therapist is not a “businesswoman” or a medical doctor, so she should not wear a black skirt and jacket or a white lab coat. She wears a nice skirt, reasonably form-fitting of course, and a nice blouse. She wears black-rimmed glasses when reading from or writing in her treatment notes, and takes them off otherwise. (Are you already getting interested?)

    End of Post 2

  27. OldValkyrieRider

    Post 3 – Continuing Second Video

    The scene opens in Therapist’s office. There has been a prior intake interview, but we don’t really need to see it.

    Therapist: “You have each written a complete description of events and your perceptions and feelings from the time you first met Mr. Horio until the present, as I privately asked each of you. I also asked each of you to not tell the other about this. I have read your descriptions and I wonder if you both obeyed this instruction.”

    Husband and Wife both assure Therapist that they did.

    Therapist: “Then I am struck by the similarity of your narratives. There are a few differences in perception, of course, but your stories are remarkably similar. I am greatly encouraged by this. It indicates to me that you have both been very honest with me and with yourselves. You are prepared to be honest with each other. Excellent. I want you to see me for counseling twice a week for the next three months. We will begin now.”

    The screen fades to black as Therapist begins talking and Husband and Wife begin nodding in understanding and agreement. The scene then reopens in Therapist’s office. A caption reads, “Three Months Later”. (They are all wearing different clothes, of course.)

    Therapist: “You have both made remarkable progress in a very short time. I no longer have any doubts about you jointly working out, on your own, most of what remains. Of course, if any difficult issues do arise, do not hesitate to call me. That said, however, there is still one issue that requires my attention. That is your sexual incompatibility. Remember that I am a sex therapist as well as a clinical psychologist. The next series of appointments will be with Husband alone. I will coach Husband in many sexual techniques.”

    Wife: “How will you do that?”

    Therapist: “I will have sex with him, of course.”

    Husband and Wife BOTH begin to react very negatively to this.

    Therapist waves them to be quiet.

    Therapist: “Please relax, although I am rather pleased by your reactions. You are now both prepared to fight for your marriage. Very good, but I am NOT a Horio. This is therapy, not seduction, although I must admit that your husband and I will get great pleasure from the sex. We have healthy adult bodies, and so they will react as healthy adult bodies. That cannot be helped. [Now looking at Wife.] But relax, my dear. Your husband will not fall in love with me, and I will not fall in love with him, but even if I did I would consider it a risk of my profession and bear it myself. I will not under ANY circumstances take your husband from you. [Now looking at both.] I want to see Husband twice a week for two months. The hard part will be that you are not to have sex with each other during this time! [Now looking at Wife.] If he has sex with me and then comes home and has sex with you, he may revert to his old habits. Let me work with him and then return him to you as a truly superior lover. Now, I realize that you will naturally become horny. This is actually good. When you bear it and do not stray outside your marriage, it will go a long way to build trust between you and your husband. You may, of course, “pleasure” yourself.”

    All of the above AND Post 2 should not have taken more than maybe 20 minutes of this second video. The bulk of the video is still to come. There are now two sex scenes that can be in either order. One is sex between Husband and Therapist in her office. The screen caption when this scene opens is that it is now about halfway through the six-week period. At this point, Husband should be very good, but still not at the level of the final Wife/Horio scene. At the end, Therapist asks Husband to cum on her tits (or somewhere else on her body). She NEVER allows him to cum inside her. As they both clean up and dress, Therapist says, “You have made wonderful progress. You are now a competent lover, but I am going to make you a great one. See you next time.” The other of these two scenes is of Wife “pleasuring” herself while Husband is at Therapist’s office. (Does anyone doubt that Kana Miyashita can do wonders with this?)

    After those two sex scenes, the next scene opens in Therapist’s office. The screen caption says that it is the end of the six-week period. Therapist and Husband are both finishing dressing after having had sex. (If we had seen THIS sex, it would ruin scenes in the final visit to Therapist’s office.) Therapist says, “We have finished the lessons. I believe you are now a World Class lover! I want you to return in one week, and bring your wife. During this week you are still not to have sex with your wife, and neither of you may “pleasure” yourself. I want you both sexually hungry so that you will pay close attention. It will be our last session.” There is a pause, then “There is one thing more.” Therapist whispers something in Husband’s ear. He thinks about it for a minute and then smiles and nods his head “Yes”.

    End of Post 3

  28. OldValkyrieRider

    Post 4

    We now come to the final visit to Therapist’s office. It has THREE sex scenes, and we are asking the actors to really outdo themselves, as you will see.

    Therapist says to Wife, “You will be amazed at what your husband can do now. Later you can FEEL what he can do, but first I want you to SEE what he can do. I want you to watch him fuck me.” Wife is obviously very uneasy, but she hesitantly says “okay” and sits on a chair to watch. This scene IS as good as the final Horio/Wife scene! At the end, Therapist orders, “This is our last time and you must hold nothing back! Cum inside me!!” Husband fills her and then withdraws. Therapist drains. Wife is sexually aroused, impressed by the performance of Husband (whose loyalty she trusts), a bit unsure that Therapist hasn’t fallen in love with Husband, and worried that Therapist may have been impregnated. She doesn’t say anything, but she is visibly shaken. Therapist, still naked, approaches Wife (still seated) and says, “Relax, my dear, I use contraception. It is necessary in my work.” She then pulls up a chair and sits directly facing Wife, their knees touching. (We see them from the side, Therapist on the left, Wife on the right.) Therapist then says, “Do you still not understand? Your husband and I have done all this to make him a great lover for YOU.” Therapist gently puts her right hand on the side of Wife’s face. “EVERYTHING since our first meeting has been mostly for YOUR sake, and there is yet one more gift, which your husband agreed to in our previous session. This also is for you.” She says this as she leans in and passionately kisses Wife and her hands slide down to Wife’s breasts.

    Wife is now so horny after a week without sex AND having just watched her husband fuck the therapist, that she instantly melts into it. Therapist slowly and very deliberately strips Wife, and we get a nice girl on girl scene. (Although it doesn’t seem to be their main “thing”, both Kana and Yuki have done girl on girl.) We occasionally glance at Husband, still naked and clearly very aroused by the girls’ performance. I envision this scene ending with Kana and Yuki on the floor in the sideways 69 position, going at it until they simultaneously orgasm almost into unconsciousness.

    Finally, Therapist stands and begins to put on her clothes. Wife reaches for her clothes, but Therapist stops her. Therapist looks toward Husband, who is hard as a rock, and asks, “Have you completely recharged? Do you have another FULL load of cum ready?” Husband nods affirmatively, so Therapist looks at Wife and says, “So, my dear, you are now prepared. It is time to fuck your husband.” Wife is SO excited and ready that she THROWS herself onto her back on the floor. She almost can’t get her legs open fast enough. Without words, everything about her screams “NOW!” (Now, this is where we’re asking a lot of the actors. THIS scene must be the best of the video. Ideally, by comparison it would make the final Horio scene look like the first time for a clumsy pair of teenagers.) Therapist, now fully dressed and sitting on a chair to observe, occasionally makes quiet noises of approval, but about halfway through, as the camera temporarily pans to her, we see her react strongly and shout, “I didn’t teach him that move! Oh honey, your husband has now become an inventive lover on his own. You are a very lucky woman!” When they get to the end, Wife is repeatedly shouting, “Cum inside me! Give me every drop!” But this is WAAAY beyond the final Horio scene because next she actually starts SCREAMING, “IMPREGNATE ME!!!!”

    (This scene, or the second half of it anyway, may have to be shot on a separate day so that the “Husband” actor will have a sufficiently massive load to shoot into Wife. This is important.) Wife should be in the doggy position when Husband unloads into her because there is a final twist to this. Husband withdraws and Wife begins to drain, BUT she puts a hand between her legs a few inches below her pussy and catches all of the semen in her cupped hand. She then shifts back to sitting on her heels (Japanese “seiza” style), looks back and up at her husband with a mischievous look on her face, raises her cupped hand to her lips, and slurps up and swallows every drop. She then gets up and smiles sweetly (and gratefully) at Therapist as she licks her palm and fingers clean.

    Husband and Wife quickly dress while repeatedly thanking Therapist. Therapist smiles sweetly (and proudly) and says, “You are welcome. My work with you is now done. Have a nice life together.” As Husband and Wife head for the door, Wife says to Husband, “Now take me home and fuck me until we’re sure I’m pregnant.”

    End of Second Video

    I would REALLY like it if this studio would actually make this sequel. I have no interest in getting paid for it, writing credit, or anything else. I’d just like to see if it could come out as good on the screen as it is in my head. Thanks to anyone who had the patience to read through all of this.

    End of Posts

  29. Tony

    @OldValkyrieRider – Dude – It’s not that serious – either you can fap or not – if not move to next video. If you need that much story, I feel bad for you.

  30. OldValkyrieRider

    @Tony – Uh, did you not get that I came up with even more sex than the original? Yeah, it takes a lot of boring words to set it up and describe it. I’ll bet the description of the original sounded boring too.

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