[EN-PPPD340] My Girlfriend's Elder Sister Tempted Me With Her Big Tits And Her Willingness To Take My Creampie JULIA

[EN-PPPD340] My Girlfriend's Elder Sister Tempted Me With Her Big Tits And Her Willingness To Take My Creampie JULIA

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  1. man-of-the-south

    Please, Sr. Administrator, TRANSLATE please more movies from actresses like

    – Kaho Kasumi (I Love My Father-In-Law More Than My Husband)

    – Kaho Kasumi (Shameful Fetish She Can’t Tell Her Husband About)

    – Ayumi Shinoda (JUX708] My Dad’s Woman)

    – Ayumi Shinoda (JUX639 The Bride’s Mother)

    – Ayumi Shinoda (JUX581 The Suntanned Mom Who Tempts Her Own Son)

    – Ayumi Shinoda/ Yui Oba (Married carnal lesbian – my wife – which was cuckold to beautiful woman)

  2. man-of-the-south

    The best scene here is “scene 2” – third part in here.
    Especially, since when she wakes her little sister up at 30.00. Great dialogue while she kepps fucking the boy.

  3. richard smith

    Great video as usual.Thanks for the english subtitles.Since you started the subtitles this is the only site I watch.Japans “porn” is not pornography in the usual sense.These censured videos are passion plays for an adult audience.Tastefully done .

    Please,can you provide subtitles for oba121? I have always wondered what Kyoto was saying.

  4. 7tony2

    English fantastic needs more dirty talk Julia is amazing

  5. lionel

    I used to visit your site earlier and had seen this movie without subbing,, Could you imagine my great delight when I found this movie on your site with English translations. The pleasure was double because now I could understand what was being said,,, Great job and thanks for the upload, Can we have more Julia movies and Hara Chitose movies with English translations,,,,

  6. iki

    please add subtitle for PPPD-439 Julia & MEYD-236 MEGURI

  7. roll

    what’s the name of the (younger) sister?

  8. Drugghsasd

    Scene 3 37:13. Girl is going for the Oscar.

  9. JAVfan

    Has anyone figured out what the name of the younger sister is?

  10. Ji3tlng

    How can someone be so engrossed in game until don’t know what’s going on around her.

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