[IESP597] Twenty Successive Lolita Creampies: Shuna Kagami

[IESP597] Twenty Successive Lolita Creampies: Shuna Kagami

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  1. John

    movie was fine up to the point the brother found out about his father banging his little sis and confronted them.The gangbang scene after that ruined it for me.I some times don’t really get the Japanese when they take delicate little girls (appearance-acting) and totally shit on that image with either gangbangs or 10”+ black dudes.But that’s just me.If you’re into this kind of stuff I’m sure you’ll like it.

  2. turk87

    John is right

  3. Left

    I knew right is john

  4. Freedom

    Im with John…Its not very nice to watch a bunch of ugly small dick guys playing with their dicks around a petite girl. A great thing ruined once again. Thanks japan.

  5. Jut

    Yeah same. Not a fan of multiple men.

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