[SQTE086] Confession Hikaru Konno

[SQTE086] Confession Hikaru Konno

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Movie ID: 88112 - (SQTE086)

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  1. Tomomi lover 3378

    Great stuff! Hikaru Konno was wonderful as always. I don’t care what anyone says the first dude is a boss. Not only was he in 2 photo shoot’s and 2 film scenes with Tomomi Motozawa in the interconnected S-cute DRC Catcheye films he also gets to have an S-cute film with him and Hikaru Konno. That little montage at the end only leaves you wanting more Hikaru lol. As usual S-cute and it’s sibling film series have outdone themselves.

  2. Tomomi lover 3378

    I am commenting on this about a year late but the ” photo shoots ” with Tomomi chan were also filmed. This guy is practically my favorite male JAV star to be honest. Him and the guy from well lets use KTDS-699 and AMBI047 for examples.

  3. Tomomi lover 3378

    His name is TATSU.

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