[EKDV146] Mika Osawa Is Your Private Tutor

[EKDV146] Mika Osawa Is Your Private Tutor

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Movie ID: 43979 - (EKDV146)

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  1. Tomomi lover 3378

    Wonderful film as expected of dear Mika Osawa. I do however have one complaint. OK I understood about 98 % of what she said in English and I lover her beautiful , cute and sexy voice but for the life of me no matter how many times I listen I just cant figure out what she was saying at 23:35 scene 2. Even when she repeats it slowly I just don’t understand what she is saying all I can gather is it is something about handled luggage and customs and or something like the ” cant make it out a all ” had their luggage charged in customs. I just can’t make out what shes saying please help. It’s just like in SDDE379 I just could not make out what Tomomi Motozawa was saying in the first half of what she read. If anyone can help with both girls I would greatly appreciate it.

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