[RKI120] Come On In – Vacuum Girl's Never Ending Blowjob, Mika Osawa

[RKI120] Come On In – Vacuum Girl's Never Ending Blowjob, Mika Osawa

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  1. Roy

    Really great, passionate! HOT!

  2. Tomomi lover 3378

    Let me start by saying WOW! Mika Osawa is incredible she is absolutely amazing! This gets 10 of 10 sweet and sexy. Also I got to here the wonderful narrator DMM Adulto girl dvd video girl again. My god she sounds like an angel from heaven oh dear lord I envision her as oh words don’t even do it justice can anyone tell me who narrates the DMM adulto commercials?

  3. Tomomi lover 3378

    You got that right ” Roy. ” Mika Osawa knows two things ballet and sweet , passionate love making and this ain’t SDMT-183. HOT? HAW! not to be insulting but you may be on the wrong site. JAV is far more then just hot. It is something truly special. No where else but Japan can produce such true beauty with genuine sweetness and even LOVE.

  4. Tomomi lover 3378

    The last scene between her and Wolf Tanaka is simply incredible just beautiful love making and exploring each other.

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