[once049] Graduation II 10

[once049] Graduation II 10

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  1. That’s The Fact Jack

    Didn’t know the delightful & sweet (idol/celeb) SAKI HATSUMI has another name/screen name? Or….is it just
    Javfor.me doing their thing? 😜 Just like they changed another fave AV idol’s last name AI HANEDA to Hanada.
    Nevertheless, just my two cents & not tryin’ to bust chops, lol!
    Keep up the great work guys! & kindly add more English subs pls.
    Much success & thanks!

  2. That’s The Fact Jack

    Let me put a light on my initial comment, peeps! (My bad JAVfor.me 🙏🏼)
    Here’s what Google tells me :

    Hatsumi initially debuted as a adult film (AV) actress in January 2010 under the name Shizuku. At the time, she was what is called in the industry a “project actress” (kikaku joyÅ«), which refers to freelance actresses who play bit roles or work in ensemble productions often without name credit. They are at the bottom of the AV hierarchy, but Hatsumi is an example of someone who worked her way up into starring roles with an exclusive contract with a production company. She changed her stage name to Saki Hatsumi in November 2011.

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