[kon001] I have A Good Reason For Being Filmed. Ami Honjo

[kon001] I have A Good Reason For Being Filmed. Ami Honjo

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Movie ID: 38040 - (kon001)

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  1. [email protected]

    I paid for premium . I can only get about half the video’s to play and can’t download any. why join ?

  2. admin

    Hi, you need to login at fshare.me to start to download.

  3. NatsuGetMad

    how to login?

  4. NatsuGetMad

    and where you upload video for S-Server ?

  5. admin

    Hi, all S-Server vidoes were deleted because of someone’s report.

    And We decided that we would not upload S-Server vidoes any more.

  6. NatsuGetMad

    But if you did not upload S-Server videos anymore, where we (non-premium user) would watch such HD JAV ?
    (we can’t buy premium coz’ economical reasons)

    This site is the greatest site i ever seen !
    Please so some more for uploading S-Server again :)
    I beg you ♥

  7. admin

    Hi, We plan to rent some servers for streaming in the future. But We’re short of money now.

    Our account for uploading S-Server videos was deleted. So we can’t upload any more.

  8. NatsuGetMad

    how are you guys get the income?
    from premium user?

    i hope you got a lot of money so you can rent a server for uploading S-Server videos :'(

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